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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More information about the new Leica M

The future of the M System

Leica proudly presents a new innovation , the new Leica M.

The Leica M. As the first M camera to implement a newly designed and constructed CMOS image sensor and to feature additional focusing methods and functions like Live View and Full HD video capability, it is the most versatile model ever in the history of Leica rangefinder cameras and sets entirely new standards. It unites the numerous advantages of innovative digital technology with a rangefinder technology that has been continuously perfected over decades. At the same time, it remains true to the legendary values of the M-System, while expanding the opportunities offered by rangefinder photography - and, for the first time, offers compatibility with Leica R legacy lenses.


The smallest interchangeable lens full frame camera in the world

 Best in class image quality Brilliant viewfinder quality and precise focusing through the Leica rangefinder

Outstanding image quality thanks to newly developed LEICA MAX CMOS Sensor

 Extended applications with Live View and electronic viewfinder

 Simple, high-precision focusing thanks to Live View focus and focus peaking

 Digital full frame for Leica R lenses, with the Leica R Adapter M

"Leica Look" videos with Full HD video capture

 Many additional performance enhancements

M for maximum image quality

LEICA MAX CMOS SENSOR The new Leica MAX 24MP CMOS sensor was developed exclusively for the new Leica M, resulting in outstanding image quality even at high ISO’s for available light photography in difficult lighting situations. This specially designed sensor architecture helps to achieve a perfect match between the camera and the Leica M and R lenses.

Extremely high image quality at all ISO settings and with all Leica M and R lenses.
LIVE VIEW AND ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER The Leica M is the first M camera with Live View. The image can be displayed directly on the display - with full control of depth of field, exposure, composition and focus. The Live View feature supports applications which have been difficult to obtain with a rangefinder camera, macro and telephoto lenses for example. With the (optional) electronic Visoflex EVF-2 viewfinder, Live View allows the use of R lenses.

Increased versatility of the M System, expanding the possibilities of Macro and Telephoto photography.

FOCUS PEAKING The M in Leica M refers to “Messsucher”, the German word for “rangefinder”, manual focussing with the help of the superimposed image rangefinder. The Leica M features new focusing aids supported by live view. The Live View image can be zoomed in 2 stages up to 100% for enhanced assessment of the focus position. Focus peaking is a visual tool to help you assess focus. Sharp edges are highlighted in red, making the focus position clearly visible.

Simple, high-precision focusing, unmatched accuracy and versatility under all lighting conditions.

LEICA R ADAPTER M The Leica R Adapter M was also developed for customers who want to put their excellent Leica R lenses to digital use. The Leica R Adapter M is an optional accessory for the Leica M, allowing the use of newer R lenses of all focal length ranges, providing extremely high image quality across the frame.

Expands the focal length of lenses available to the Leica M. Zoom lenses can also be used without restriction.

MULTI-PATTERN AND SPOT EXPOSURE METERING In both Live View and rangefinder mode, advanced metering methods for exposure control are now available in addition to legacy Leica M center weighted metering.

Versatile light metering system for all lighting situations.

FULL HD VIDEO CAPTURE Leica lenses are world renowned for their resolution, color reproduction and attractive bokeh. It is now possible to use these legendary Leica M lenses for 24x36mm format videos - with full HD resolution at up to 25 fps. An optional microphone adapter set is available for the use of external stereo microphones. This set includes a high-quality stereo microphone, but other standard jack microphones can also be used.

Stunning HD Video capture using Leica M and R lenses. 3" DISPLAY WITH 920,000 PIXELS, CORNING® GORILLA® GLASS SCREEN PROTECTOR
Display resolution so high that you can't see the pixels with the naked eye.

An uncompromising tool for assessing sharpness and color.

SPLASH WATER PROTECTED BODY For professional use, even in difficult situations, the body of the new Leica M is protected against splash water, moisture and dust.

Weather resistant suited to an active lifestyle.

LEICA MAESTRO IMAGE PROCESSOR Photographing at more than 3 frames per second, faster image processing, energy-saving electronic systems and a higher capacity rechargeable battery mean that the new Leica M can withstand intensive use, without needing to recharge the battery.

The new Leica M is ready to shoot at any time.

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